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Small Business Highlight: Christopher Farmer of F&F Bargains

Chris Farmer of F&F Bargains

Chris walked into the Upward Graphics shop a couple of years ago to order some apparel for his crew in F&F Bargains. I did not know him personally at that time, only have heard about him and his new business that was spreading fame across Oswego. He was a little intimidating at first, but as we got talking, as I usually do with customers, I knew deep inside, this guy was different. He was a nice and compassionate person. Not only does he love his daughter and bulldogs so much, but most importantly, he loves Oswego and his community! We both came from a rough past, which didn't define our future! We share the same passion for the community.  

Our business relationship gradually transitioned to friendship as we continued to learn more about each other! Knowing him and hearing more good things about him around the community has continually inspired me to keep on doing good. God has continually blessed his good deeds by helping him expand from a 1 store location to two locations in a span of 3-4years.  

People waiting in line during F&F 50% storewide sale

Once my wife and I asked, “who exactly do you help?” Like is there a category of nonprofits he focuses on helping for tax deductible purposes, etc? I was curious about that from one business to another business. We are in America after all, it’s all about what can I get back from the government if/when I help? 

He just humbly responded, “We help everyone.” 

 Turns out, it’s true! All medical equipments that go through their doors are donated to anyone who needs it, no questions asked! From walkers, wheelchairs to foyer lifts (which cost about $2k or more each!) They support local fundraisers from animal shelters to families with members that are suffering from an illness. They also sponsor a lot of various local sports teams and events from racing to boxing! These are just a few examples of people they help.  

Donation for HOA Cancer Center

“I never do it for tax deductions, and never will. I help whoever needs help, and I happen to be in the merchandise business where I can do that. Why make money on the sick the elderly the disabled the weak and the needy? The Lord has blessed me with two warehouses full of merchandise. It's the least I can do to give back to our community,” he once said. 

Chris and Representatives from Toys for Tots
Donation for Toys 4 Tots


This man deserves more credit than he is given. He is an inspiration to many. Visit their business Facebook page, and you will see how much people love Chris and the company he built. It is full of people thanking him for his help in one way or another. He built the perfect picture of what community really looks like through both F&F Bargains Oswego & F&F Bargains Liverpool. 

Thank you, Chris, for all you do, not only for supporting small businesses like Upward Graphics, but the whole community! 

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